What Are The Functions Of The Welding Wire

What Are The Functions Of The Welding Wire
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The welding wire is the same as that of the coated electrode. The manufacturer of the flux cored wire has its unique formula. The composition of the flux is different depending on the applicable function of the welding consumables.

The basic functions of the flux composition are as follows:

? Welding Wire deaerator and nitrogen removal agent

As the wire nitrogen and oxygen can make the weld metal caused by pores or brittle, the flux must be added with manganese and silicon and other oxygen scavenger, as self-shielded flux-cored wire, the flux required to add AL in addition to nitrogen. The above addition of oxygen scavenger and nitrogen removal agent are aimed at purifying the molten metal.

? Welding Wire slag forming agent

Calcium, potassium, sodium or silicon, etc. are slag forming agent, added in the flux can effectively protect the molten pool from the air pollution, welding slag can make the welding with a better appearance and rapid cooling can support full posture welding Of the pool. The slag cover can also ease the rate of molten metal cooling, this feature is particularly important for low alloy steel welding.

? Welding Wire arc stabilizer

Sodium and potassium can keep the arc soft and smooth and reduce the splash.

? Welding Wire alloy elements

Molybdenum, chromium, carbon, manganese, nickel and vanadium and other alloying elements can improve (improve) the strength of filler metal, ductility, hardness and toughness.

? Welding Wire gas forming agent

Fluorite, limestone, etc. need to be added in the self-shielded flux-cored wire to produce a protective gas for combustion.

Wire welding slag type

The composition of the flux determines the welding workability of the welding consumables and the mechanical properties of the molten metal. If the composition of the flux is predominantly acidic, the acid slag will be generated after welding. The same alkaline (calcareous) flux will produce alkaline welding Slag. The welding system of the acid system is very good, the arc is stable and stable in the welding process. The shape is similar to that of the jet arc, the amount of splash is less, and the welding personnel are like, and the mechanical properties of the molten metal are ordinary but the AWS specification is required.

Flux for the alkaline system of welding materials can be molten metal to obtain a very good ductility and toughness, but the work is far worse than the acid system. The droplet of the transition to the ball more than the main transition, more splash.

The development of the flux system of the low alloy steel welding consumes the excellent mechanical properties of the acid system and the alkaline system.

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