Pure Tungsten Electrode Of The Craft

Pure Tungsten Electrode Of The Craft
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In the pure tungsten electrode, the electrode tip is generally spherical, and is generally used in the sine wave and the traditional square wave argon welding welder in the exchange process. After forming the ball, in order to know the diameter of the electrode will generally be used in the alternating current, and eventually have their own form. The diameter of the sphere should not exceed 1.5 times the diameter of the electrode (for example, the diameter of the ball is 1/8, then the electrode diameter is 3/16), and the electrode with a larger spherical body at the tip can reduce the arc stability and even fall off, And will be contaminated by the weld.

In the pure tungsten electrode, cerium, lanthanum and thorium electrode used in the tip or truncated head used in the inverter AC and DC welding process. To properly polish the tungsten in order to avoid grinding the use of specially developed grinding wheel, it is made of boron nitride or can withstand the hardness of tungsten made of diamonds. Therefore, it is suitable for pure tungsten electrode.

Pure Tungsten Electrode

The use of pure tungsten electrodes is most widely used under AC welding alternating current. It is generally used for welding aluminum, magnesium alloy (AC) is generally used in alternating current.

Pure tungsten electrode, can also provide clean, heated when the ball pitch. This shape provides a balanced waveform for AC welding arc stability, which is particularly good.

Pure tungsten electrode also provides good arc stabilized sine wave AC welding aluminum and magnesium. However, they are not used for DC welding. Pure tungsten electrodes are widely used in specific industries for welding applications.

The world's annual total consumption of tungsten electrode to reach 1600t, the market demand with the economic development is still growing. China tungsten electrode total annual output of about 30% of the world's tungsten electrode production. China tungsten electrode production has been growing steadily, and from 2005 onwards a substantial increase in production in 2009 to reach 1200t.

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